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Invisible Braces in Macedonia, Cleveland and Akron

Our office offers comprehensive orthodontic treatment through SureSmile©. This advanced dental technology eliminates the need for messy impressions and, instead, utilizes a 3D oral scanner which captures images of your teeth. The images are then used by a laboratory to custom fabricate aesthetically-pleasing clear aligner trays. The trays gradually move your teeth to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time.

We are certified to provide mtm clear aligners. 

The many benefits of having healthy and straight teeth, besides the aesthetically pleasing symmetrical result, includes less unwanted wear of teeths's enamel and trauma to teeth (caused by uneven teeth,) and an incorrect bite can also result in jaw pain as well as headaches.

As time passes, the impact that uneven teeth has on your oral health increases as well. This is the reason your dentist may reccommend that certain clients alleviate these issues prior to the development of graver problems. Invisible braces are a very effective aid in aligning oral health problems such as overcrowded teeth, a deep bite, cross bite as well as extreme protrusion. 

By commencing treatment to align teeth, invisible aligners will, both, ameliorate the aesthetic look of your smile, but will also help to avoid degenerative defects such as teeth's degeneration as well as numerous periodontal diseases- without any need for unsightly metallic braces, wires or brackets. Invisible Braces are quite convenient as well as easy to clean, in comparison to regular braces. Invisible braces are removable when it time comes to brush, floss or eat. The portable, light weight and snug design translates into benefits such as being able to eat whatever you please, without potentially hurting your gums or teeth.

To get your custom-made invisible braces, book an appointment or contact our office! We are pleased to treat patients from all over Ohio, including Cleveland, Akron and Macedonia.




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