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The health of your teeth is very important to your body. Teeth benefit from consistant maintenance in order to last a lifetime. Minute changes within a person's mouth can have a greater consequence on their overall health- 

With very little or non-existant dental care, your mouth may become susceptible to attacks from infectious bacteria and disease-inducing infections. Even when a person brushes their teeth properly, they cannot guarantee a 100% protection versus bacteria. Periodontal disease gradually worsens, and becomes apparent once it has already evolved into the final stages - underlining the importance of having a dentist regularly examine your oral health.

Hygiene Services offered by Dr. Marko Farian and Accociates (Located in Macedonia, also serving Cleveland and Akron) is an ideal course of treatment to help patients avoid common diseases. With intermittently scheduled dental cleanings & fluoride treatments, our team of hygienists and dentists can regulate the damages caused by harmful bacteria in your mouth. Our professionals can clean hard to reach areas that can be overlooked by a toothbrush or dental floss. With an excellent oral hygiene regimen and checkups from your dentist, you can avoid more serious dental procedures later on in life. 

Visit our practice based in Macedonia (We also love to see new patients from Cleveland and Akron) and get the protection that our Hygiene Services provide. Contact us today.



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